Weinstein, Moore, Rose, Lauer – Sexual Misconduct – Why Don’t Women Come Forward When It Happens?

I apologize for the error in the title of this blog that went out yesterday. It could have been misunderstood and changed the intent of this post. This is an updated version. Thank you for understanding. – Sarah

Thankful this Week for Boomer Women

It’s Thanksgiving next week! How did that happen?! Even if I am surprised Thanksgiving is here already, it’s a good reminder of all I have to be thankful for. This week as we approach the holiday, I wanted to give a thankful shout out to the Baby Boomer women in my life who have sacrificed […]

The Good, the Tolerable and the Unbearable

Have you ever found a food you love, love, love? Then after a few weeks of loving it, the food becomes okay. And if you continue eating that food, the thought of eating it turns your stomach? I think this same thing happens to us in our work. We find something we are really good […]

The Art of Swearing

On our way to a pre-season Packer game this past summer, our family walked by a group of people on the same trek to the stadium as we were. As we passed the group, one person used the F-bomb multiple times loudly and as the main staple of his sentence. As a mom, I wanted […]

One space after a period can make a difference for the hiring of older workers

Warning! Grammar geek alert. One of my areas of expertise is business writing. Weird, I know, but with strong writing skills and a college background in journalism classes, I now help organizations figure out business writing. Grammar impacts a lot of things – even ageism in hiring. Let’s talk about how. At a recent association […]

Ever want a universal sign?

Don and I had a great discussion this week about, “Do you ever look back at certain school or career decisions and think, ‘I wonder where we’d be if we had done this instead of that?’” Most of us have some lingering thoughts around different options that have come our way. For some of us […]

A Lesson in Strengths and Weaknesses from Harry Potter

Stubborn, independent and self-sufficient. All of these are great attributes – if you are a rogue cowboy or hero in a movie, but I’d contend they are not such great qualities to have in real-life. Now are there strengths to these characteristics? Sure. However strengths overused become weaknesses. Let’s look at one of my favorite […]

When Will We Say Enough?

During my travels last week, my mom’s 83 year old cousin was lamenting how her son sometimes worked Saturday and Sundays for his M-F, 40-hour-work week. I nodded at her dismay and said, “I think that’s just business in today’s world. You do more and more and it requires more of us.” A piece of […]

Judgment and Perfection

The past few weeks, I’ve been struck by how often judgement and perfection go together. And, here’s the kicker – it’s my judgment that drives my perfection, not someone else’s judgment of me. What?! Back up the truck. Let’s explore this crazy little idea and then give ourselves a lot more freedom to simply enjoy […]

The Surprise Bonus of Traveling for Work

When people find out I travel for work, they often exclaim, “That’s so fun! You must get to see really amazing places!” I answer, “Yes, and it’s not quite as glamorous and amazing as it seems.” However, I’ve really started to appreciate one aspect of traveling for work – the skills my kids are learning […]