Assuming the Best

As I’ve worked with teams the past few weeks, one dominant theme has emerged – we assume the worst of others. It doesn’t make sense because none of us individually want to have someone else think the worst of us, but we usually don’t hesitate to assume the worst about others. Why do we jump […]

Perception vs. Behavior

During one of my sessions last week, during a couple of sections where I had the group reading through some material, there was a gentleman who sat with his arms crossed as he stared across the room, not participating like the rest of the group. My interpretation of his behavior was that he was angry, […]

The Over-Achiever’s Plight

Confession: I’m an over-achiever. For anyone who knows me, this is not news. When someone asks for something to be done Tuesday, I’ll get it to them Monday morning, just to show I can deliver faster than promised. My plight as an over-achiever is this: enough is never enough. It’s not fast enough, and it’s […]