Dealing with the Unknown

This week finds me on the road again. This time, I’m traveling to attend a conference, not speak at one. It’s a nice break, but it creates a few challenges. The one that’s perhaps the most challenging (and maybe even most silly), is that I’m staying with a friend and her folks without a car. […]

Managing Time in an Era of Time Deficits

This week I led a group of non-profit participants through a short-time management course. We talked
about what every group does – we have way too much to do and too little time to do it.
The expectations of human capacity in the work world continues to grow while our minds and bodies
scream, “I can’t do any more!” So what did we talk about?

Why Purpose is Powerful

We all want to know our lives matter. We all long for purpose. In corporate America, this translates into our vision and mission. There’s a great Bible verse that says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” When we don’t realize how what we do makes a difference, we lose hope. We perish. The […]

Why the Career Ladder is Dead

In the words of George Jefferson from the television show, The Jeffersons, “Well we’re movin on up, to the east side. To a deluxe apartment in the sky. Movin on up, to the east side. We finally got a piece of the pie.” That’s a generational throwback for you from the mid-70s, and it’s a […]

Addressing the awkward conversation!

Goodness knows we all face awkward scenarios. Once I had a gentleman pass out in one of my classes. Like faint, hit his head on the door, then the floor kind of falling. We got him medical attention and he ultimately rejoined the group later that day. As he returned to the class, you could […]

Success Looks Different for Everyone

I had a really amazing opportunity come up this week. This opportunity will look fantastic on my accomplishments and will widen the door to my national work platform. Now that sounds impressive, however, just because that’s what success looks like for me, doesn’t mean that if you don’t do national work you are unsuccessful. We […]

When “Hell Yes!” Isn’t Enough

A friend posted this fantastic article this week called, “How I knew when saying yes was hurting my productivity and worse.” As I read it, I was struck by two things: this sounds easy and it’s really not that easy. And before I take a contrary stand to some of the article’s message, it’s really […]

Paying Attention to Your Body’s Response to Conflict

We had a delightful family visit over several days this past weekend. On Sunday afternoon, as we enjoyed the rare sunshine and warmth of spring, we found ourselves discussing family history. We talked that no matter how mature we are, there’s long-term responses to expected family reactions. The same is true for many of us […]

Thanks For The Thankless Work You Do

This has been a crazy week. Amongst the usual chaos of life, we’ve had a new element added this week at school, a soft lockdown. What does that mean and why is it happening is one thing, but the reality of it is another. What is a soft lockdown and why is our school under […]

Which Reality Do You Live In?

My husband and I have been watching this highly intense drama on Amazon Prime called The Man in the High Castle. It’s a show with alternate realities, the main one being the Nazis won WWII, and America is under Nazi and Japanese rule. It’s actually messing with my sub-conscious and creating a crazy dream world […]