When Things Look Rosie To Others – The Christmas Letter Effect

As holiday letters are pouring into our mailbox (thank you – it’s nice to get something besides bills and junk mail), I’m reminded of the “Christmas-letter effect.” You know what the Christmas-letter effect looks like – the amazing letter that tells you all the good things that happened to someone’s family over the year, but […]

Why Are We STILL Talking About Millennials?

“I’m so sick of this topic! Why are we still talking about Millennials?” Well, we’re still talking about Millennials because according to a recent Forbes article, Workforce 2020: What You Need To Know Now, Millennials will comprise almost 75 percent of our workforce by 2025. 75 percent! There are a couple of reasons folks are […]

Giving holiday gifts that mean something

My morning started with an amazingly kind email from a client saying, “…it is not a secret both at work and in my family that for me your name is linked to a positive turning point and basically your name is connected with joy.” What a delightful gift it was to open this message on […]

Circular Meetings

“I thought we made a decision about this, but here we are in the same meeting, deciding the same thing again two weeks later! Why?!” If you’ve ever thought this, you aren’t alone. Most of us have been part of teams or organizations where you feel like you simply spin your wheels and never move […]