Perception is Reality

Wow, this is so true! Something may not be true in anyway, but if the perception is it’s true, then the impact of that perception is reality. Let me explain. I worked with a team recently who had the perception if anyone spoke up against the boss, that person would get fired. True and factual? […]

Just What We Don’t Expect

Today I’m working from our local swimming hole, a sweet little place called Troll Beach. It’s a sandy bottom pool filled with aquatic water slides and obstacle courses for the kids to burn energy. I get to sit in the lovely little pavilion on my laptop while my son and his friend swim. As I’ve […]

When Too Many Good Things Collide

I spent the past five days at an intense, amazing National Speakers Association conference called Influence 17. While there, we had 15-16 hour days of absorbing knowledge from experts and people one step farther down the path from where we are. It was the perfect collision of too many good things, all competing for my […]

Dealing with the Unknown

This week finds me on the road again. This time, I’m traveling to attend a conference, not speak at one. It’s a nice break, but it creates a few challenges. The one that’s perhaps the most challenging (and maybe even most silly), is that I’m staying with a friend and her folks without a car. […]