Creating a Common Communication Language

People often ask me what are the benefit of doing a team building or communication style training and which tools would I recommend. Here are my thoughts on both of those questions as you think about ways to strengthen your team in the coming year. First, what are the benefits of doing a teambuilding or […]

Pushing Through the Hard Stuff

This is the time of year when all the New Year’s Resolutions and intents drop off our radar. It’s when we revert to the norm. We struggle to have energy and motivation to keep something new moving forward. In the book, The Road to Character by David Brooks, he writes about the need to push […]

Sharing My Failures and Recovering from Them

Last week I wrote about the gift of failure and how we can help retain Millennials by showing them the benefits of failure and by showing them how to work through failure. This week, I’m going to share a recent failure of mine and how it helped me, and how it can help younger folks […]

Why Millennials Leave and How to Retain Them by Teaching the Gift of Failing

There’s been a lot of buzz around Simon Sinek’s Millennials in the Workplace video this week. He talked about Millennials and hit on one of the key things we work with leaders on – why Millennials leave companies, and how you can help retain them by teaching them the gift of failure. First, let’s define […]