Judgment and Perfection

The past few weeks, I’ve been struck by how often judgement and perfection go together. And, here’s the kicker – it’s my judgment that drives my perfection, not someone else’s judgment of me. What?! Back up the truck. Let’s explore this crazy little idea and then give ourselves a lot more freedom to simply enjoy […]

The Surprise Bonus of Traveling for Work

When people find out I travel for work, they often exclaim, “That’s so fun! You must get to see really amazing places!” I answer, “Yes, and it’s not quite as glamorous and amazing as it seems.” However, I’ve really started to appreciate one aspect of traveling for work – the skills my kids are learning […]

Politics, Oh My!

Wow, after a brief social media post about DACA, I had a hailstorm of comments. Mostly folks who want to engage in the conversation, but two key thoughts about why we’ve become an apathetic country when it comes to politics arose from that thread. Here they are: 1) Americans don’t engage in political conversation because […]

Going the Extra Mile

This week I’ve thought a lot about going the extra mile. Do I have to do as much for people as I do? Probably not. Does it make me stand out from the crowd? Absolutely. Now, I don’t go the extra mile to be recognized or to gain favor from a potential client. I do […]