This informational download includes the introduction, high-resolution photos and seating arrangement to help you prepare for your upcoming event. Please do not hesitate to contact Sarah with any questions.

Featured below are high-resolution photos. Please feel free to download them for the upcoming events in any promotional materials needed.

Introduction for Speaker

Today’s speaker is Sarah Gibson. Sarah is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Sarah and her team at Accent Learning and Consulting, help teams across the country understand and navigate workplace communication.

Sarah’s book, Geezer. Punk. Whatever. is a practical guide to generational communication and has been used by individuals and organizations across North America.

Beyond her work, Sarah and her family love to travel, root for the Packers, and soak in the everyday parts of life.

Please join me in welcoming, Sarah Gibson.

A/V Preferences

⦁ Lavalier or Hands Free Microphone
⦁ LCD Projector
⦁ Ability to plug in pre-loaded PowerPoint on flash drive on arrival or HDMI connection port so Sarah can use her laptop

Seating Layout

The ideal environment has smaller tables throughout the room and allows for group discussion and collaboration, however Sarah is flexible on seating options, knowing the space depends on your conference needs.

Seating Chart for Sarah Gibson
Seating Chart for Sarah Gibson