Mindfulness At Work, No Yoga Mat Needed

Guest blogger: Alex Draginis Three months into 2017 and the common theme among friends and family is that it’s been a tough year so far. Whether it’s the polarizing political climate, the frozen tundra we live in or personal issues, we’re off to a rough start. Unfortunately, when we’re having a tough time, it can […]

Don’t Let the First Yes Define You

Recently friends and I talked about how we view exploring new options as permanent, fixed options vs. honest explorations. We feel locked into a decision after we take the first step. The reality is, we have to be careful to not let the first yes define us and our future. Why do we have this […]

What to Do When Life is Hard

After many years, I finally sent a thank you note to a man of great influence in my life – a professor from my college days. He probably didn’t realize what he had taught me until my note arrived, but the impact of his actions has shaped me for many years. My desire to reach […]

Why Do Women Feel They Have To Do It All?

After about four weeks of jotting down items we were out of in our pantry, I knew our family was on the brink of desperate measures as I tried to think of how we could use the last few canned items (baked beans and water chestnuts) to make one last meal before supplies ran out. […]

The Dark Side of Coaching

One part of my many titles includes – Coach. There’s a lot of different kinds of coaches. Sports coaches, business coaches, sales coaches, life coaches, spiritual coaches, and relationship coaches, to name a few. The coaching work I do evolves around skills coaching. I help people develop communication skills needed to help that person reach […]

When You Have Two Good Choices

The past three weeks, I’ve faced two really good opportunities that were mutually exclusive. I wrestled with the pros and cons. I tossed and turned over the unknowns. I asked for expert advice. I fasted and prayed for direction. And you know what? I think we sometimes simply are given two really good things to […]

Everyone is Smart (and that’s different than everyone gets a trophy)

We have a saying at our house – “Everyone is smart. In their own way, everyone is smart.” We started saying that when our kids compared their skills and talents to one another. Each is gifted differently, so where one excels, the other struggles and vice versa. From a sibling perspective, it created feelings of […]

Learning to Ask for Help

Asking for help is difficult to do, whether it be for a small work project, clarification on something you think you should understand, or for something you feel is a big deal. This past week, as I’ve worked to be more strategic across my referral realm, I’ve learned asking for help isn’t as difficult as […]

Why Don’t Millennials Do the Next Thing on the List?

One of the biggest complaints against the Millennial generation is they do whatever thing we ask them, but then they come back to us and ask for their next assignment. If we tell them to go do A, we expect them to do B, C and D without needing us to tell them it needs […]

Creating a Common Communication Language

People often ask me what are the benefit of doing a team building or communication style training and which tools would I recommend. Here are my thoughts on both of those questions as you think about ways to strengthen your team in the coming year. First, what are the benefits of doing a teambuilding or […]