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Our Brains’ Super-Highways

Garbage in. Garbage out. Most of our moms have said this to us at some point. Most likely related to something they really disapproved of. In my case, the record, Sesame Street Fever (it’s a long story…). While I don’t purport using the “garbage in – garbage out” as a way to manipulate people into […]

Office Work Arounds

Our son has an amazing gift – he’s super-efficient at problem solving. He always has been from the time he’s been little. One day when he was about 6, he desperately wanted to buy this small duck figurine at the store. I told him it wasn’t a good idea because he’d probably lose it, thereby […]

Owning Your Own Professional Development

The golden days of the company escorting you from point a to point b and guiding you along your career path are long gone. In today’s business world, you are in charge of your own professional development. This change isn’t necessarily bad. For many of us, the path the company chose for us and the […]

The Cost of Not Holding People Accountable

A post taken from my Facebook account last week: “This week has been plagued with stories of extra rude people. I’m not sure when it became okay for adults to be rude and disrespectful. For real, when did this become okay, because in a world where we talk about needing more love and joy, being […]

We like flawed people more than perfect people

This week I was thinking about a career where everyone is shiny, perfect and bubbling with optimism, and it turned my stomach. I thought, “These people aren’t real. They’re too perfect to be real!” And that’s when it hit me, we like people who are human and flawed, like we are, but we try so […]

Resolutionless? Here’s an idea

Happy New Year! Our family just finished a short hiatus from all the normal stuff of life – like getting out the door, making school lunches, navigating school activities and events, traveling for work, meeting with clients, doing projects around the house. It was lovely. While we were on break, I had several people ask […]

A Year In Review

It’s the time of the year where all the news shows, magazines and online articles do a 2017 year in review segment. We see the year’s most significant events, the best fashions, most-viral YouTube videos, and which famous people passed away throughout the year. It brought me to thinking about how we each frame time […]

Making Hard Conversations Easier

If you’re like our family, you’re a little obsessed with the Netflix series, Stranger Things. Even our children have talked us into letting them see the show (we watch it with them, of course). As we watched the show together, I kept waiting for the kids to be as creeped out as I was. When […]