Sarah is one of the most personable, versatile, engaging and fun speakers I have ever worked with – and I’ve worked with quite a few. Her stories and illustrations bring the content to life for audiences across all age groups, experience levels and industries. Sarah’s presence on the agenda tells participants the event organizers truly care about the quality and outcomes of the event.

ALLISON C. - Talent Development

We have observed Sarah’s ability to speak to over 200 of our clients, inciting them through humor and facts to better understand the generational divides, to an audience of employees, motivating them to view the business world in which they work through their co-workers’ communication styles and needs. In both cases, everyone leaves with a smile and the conversation about the topic continues long after Sarah has left the room. We all highly recommend her.

LAURA W. - Legal

Sarah is a high-energy, warm and engaging speaker who connects with her audience within the first 10 seconds of her program. She is among the most effective, energetic and skilled speakers that I know. Sarah is always very well-prepared, enthusiastic and interactive in her presentations and in relating to her audience. She connects with them. That is a talent and seemingly natural gift that Sarah has. She is a pro!

DAN S. - Human Resources

Sarah does an excellent job of striking a balance between challenging the thinking of our group while also making concepts tangible, relatable and actionable. She is extremely well researched; a true expert on her topics, and her “down to earth” style helps her audience engage in very practical ways. I plan to use her again.

NAN P. - Insurance

Sarah is a dynamic and thoughtful teacher. To say she is a “speaker” is inadequate. She is adept and nimble in getting the most out of her attendees/students with a range of interactive approaches.

KEVIN S. - Financial Consulting

Sarah possesses the rare quality of sharing her considerable expertise in a way that is both engaging and informative. There was a strong consensus from the group that she provided one of the most impactful learning experiences that they could recall.

JAIMES J. - Financial

Sarah has the beautiful combination of speaking skill, intelligence, and compassion that will energize and inspire any organization she works with. Hire her!

DON G. - Non-profit and development

Sarah is both knowledgeable and engaging, and this combination is what makes her such a great speaker. She has incredible energy, and easily connects with her audience on a personal level. Sarah has worked with our group on several occasions, and we always leave her programs feeling energized and ready to tackle new challenges!

Annette R - Professional Services

“Thank you again for the fantastically, mind blowing session! I really learned so much and have already referenced the job aid on a project. Very useful stuff!” Heather H. Banking Industry

Heather H. - Banking Industry

Sarah’s fresh insights captured our conference audience’s attention and helped us see the practical ways generational pieces played out in the workplace. I was surprised how much information her keynote covered in a short amount of time. I especially appreciated her ability to tie things back to the workplace and to our specific audience.

Regina P. - Legal

I’ve been telling everyone last week’s Institute was among the best we have had:  uplifting, good information, and good use of members’ expertise/experience. Sarah had interesting activities that fostered good conversation and new perspectives on the differences and similarities between the generations. We appreciated her willingness to incorporate the needs of our members and to include our members in a portion of her session. The evaluations have reflected how people valued Sarah’s style and her ability to meet our needs.  

Linda H. - Social Services

Thank you so much for your participation in our Conference!  Your session was not only well attended, but very well received and the content is still being talked about today.  Your delivery, use of personal names, and presentation style are so personal and the content and materials are relevant for each of us.

Lacey P - Association Conference Coordinator


5 Star Review

Working with Sarah is an Instructional Design Manager's dream! Without me realizing it, my conversation to give an overview of what I needed for my audience turned into Sarah honing in specific characteristics of my audience and tailoring her presentation to them. She is an excellent presenter, with a thoughtful and engaging personality.

Michelle J - financial services