Perception vs. Behavior

During one of my sessions last week, during a couple of sections where I had the group reading through some material, there was a gentleman who sat with his arms crossed as he stared across the room, not participating like the rest of the group. My interpretation of his behavior was that he was angry, […]

The Over-Achiever’s Plight

Confession: I’m an over-achiever. For anyone who knows me, this is not news. When someone asks for something to be done Tuesday, I’ll get it to them Monday morning, just to show I can deliver faster than promised. My plight as an over-achiever is this: enough is never enough. It’s not fast enough, and it’s […]

Sarah Gibson

Who is Sharpening You?

Proverbs 27:17 from the Bible reads, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs are wise sayings. And this particular proverb reminds us that we need one another to sharpen one another, to hone ourselves, our skills, our decisions. When an iron sword is sharpened, it’s scraped against a rough surface. That surface […]

Why Won’t My Co-Worker Tell Me What She Knows?

“My boss wants me to record department processes so if anything happens down the road, we know what to do. However, I have this co-worker who just won’t share anything with me. I ask and she ignores me.” This is a common story for many, and this common story often times has a common denominator […]

Time to Make the Donuts

Some days I feel like the old Dunkin’ Donuts commercial where the donut maker gets up at the crack of dawn and recites, “It’s time to make the donuts.” This happens day in and day out. Until one day he’s so weary, he meets himself in the doorway to meet himself returning from work saying, […]

Sarah J. Gibson - keynote speaker background

CPR Stat!

Emergency! Something is sucking the life out of you. You’re turning blue. You’re gasping for air. You’re hands are flailing for help. You flat line. You need to be resuscitated, but not physically. You need a relationship resuscitation. Here’s something from Crucial Conversations that has helped me personally and professionally as relationships have flat lined […]

Life Stage vs. Generational Characteristic

In many of our sessions Sarah and I often get the question, “How do you tell the difference between a generational characteristic and the stage someone is at in their life?” This is an important question to look at because it can be confusing trying to understand this difference between life stages and characteristics that are […]

Headed for the ocean. 10 – 4!

In my 12 years of being out on my own, I’ve rarely gone on vacation and actually checked out completely. In a day and age where we are connected via smart phone, tablet, laptop or internet, it takes time and intentionality to check out completely. This year is different for me. Alex, a bright, amazing […]

Sarah Gibson speaking

Squirrel! And other shiny new things

People have been asking about the expanded work I’m doing in the realm of conference speaking. What’s new about what you are doing? How did you make this leap? What is your business going to look like moving forward? I thought those questions would be the perfect way to start my blog. Here’s my story.