Sarah Gibson

Sarah J. Gibson is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Sarah is the founder of Accent Learning and Consulting, which helps teams across the country understand and navigate workplace communication.

Whether your needs are around team building, communication styles, gender differences or generations, Sarah J. Gibson talks about real life issues and charts a path that helps you to implement them into your workplace. She delves into concepts you are familiar with, and helps you to think about them in new and exciting ways.

Sarah J. Gibson is a generations expert. She writes, lectures, coaches and consults about the changing generations in the work force and how they can more effectively communicate together. From leader to new hires, she offers insights into how the complexities and the diversity of the modern work environment can lead to a positive workplace. She helps organizations bridge gaps and bring people together. She employs interactive adult-learning principles to achieve real-world solutions.

Sarah’s book, Geezer. Punk. Whatever. is a practical guide to generational communication and  has been used by individuals and organizations across North America.

Sarah has spoken for a wide variety of audiences ranging across financial, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, professional associations and professional services industries.